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GNOATO Est Tricotaje

  • The GNOATOEST Company was born after a serious analysis of the market, analysis that proved the necessity of producing at lower prices but without forgeting about the quality.
  • The italian society GNOATO SRL has been manufactering knitwear for over 30 years now and has been always abreast with the time investing in new tehnologies and knowledges to satisfy the market requirements.
  • The first branch from the productivity point of view took place in 1996 through the creation of a ready-to-wear department in Croatia, MOTINA d.o.o. The aggrandizement gave the clients the possibility of saving money in this productive phase.
  • The positive experience permitted GNOATO SRL Society to start up with powerfull motivations and enthusiasm the society from Romania where they found human resources and the infrastructure.
  • So has the S.C.GNOATO EST S.R.L. arised, opened on August, 2000 in Sibiu, city located in the middle of Romania, with nearly 200.000 of inhabitants, choosed because here exists a University and a High School with a textile section.

  • Together with the associated firms here get realized all the production phase: knitwear, ready-to-wear, currying and pressing. In the enterprise there are permanently 5 italian specialists to guarantee the quality at the italian standard as well as the product dispatch.
  • The tehnology and the machineries are new with a system of recording the production through the bar code, to pursue the product in all the tehnological phases.