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The company GNOATO EST SRL was born after a deep analysis of the market, the analysis that determined the need to produce at the lowest possible costs, without forgetting the quality.

The italian company GNOATO SRL has been producing knitwear for over 40 years, it has always been in step with time investing in new technologies and knowledge, in order to satisfy the market requirements. The first branch from a productive point of view took place in 1996 by creating a making-up knitwear in Croatia.

The expansion has given customers the opportunity to reduces the production cost.

The positive experience allowed GNOATO SRL to start with strong motivations and enthusiasm the Romanian company where human resources and infrastructure were found.
So was born GNOATO EST S.R.L. , opened in August 2000 in Sibiu, a city located in the center of Romania, with almost 200.000 inhabitants, chosen due to the fact that here there is a University and a High School with a textile profile.

The company is able to produce all the production phases: knitting, making-up, washing and finishing. Italian specialists are permanently present in the company to guarantee quality at the Italian standard as well as the shipment of the product.

The technology and the type of machines are of the last generation with a system of registration of the production by bar code, for the tracking of the product in all the technological phases.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001


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