Gnoato Est

performance for satisfied customers

The company carries out all production phases: design, knitting, making-up, washing and finishing. In this way we offer the customer short delivery times and high quality. The production capacity is 1.500 pieces / day.


The knitting department produces fully-fashion knitwear, on different structures, intarsia, jacquard, with flat knitting machines, of  new generation, on all gauges  14 gg, 7 gg, 5 gg and 3 gg.


To assure a high quality finished product, all garments are washed and dried in their own finishing department, where professional washing and drying machines are used and ecological washing treatments are used.

After ironing, packing and final inspection, the knitwear is ready to be delivered to the customer. The finishing department has an important park of steaming machines, mannequins for control, ironing tables. Each product is subject to quality control both after the washing phase and in the final phase.


In the making-up department we do all the operations necessary to assemble the knitted panels, with the help of linking machines, triplock, linear sewing, OV machines, key sewing, invisible seams, buttons, labels and other types of special machines. For a good quality, all the the production is checked on the luminous mannequin by qualified workers.

The team working in the company is composed of programmers, technicians, engineers and qualified workers in the production of knitwear, as well as italian specialists with over 40 years of experience to satisfy all customer needs.